Flower Girls…Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

I can not believe it has been a month since I have written!  I have been so busy between birthday parties and going out of town that the weeks just flew by and before I knew it a whole month has gone by!  So I have lots of wedding ideas to write about but I wanted to share an awesome website with you.  Beane & Company by Jenna Lang!  Jenna has the most gorgeous baby clothes and blankes and on her website is the most amazing flower girl dress.  Flowers Girls are about the only person who can sort of steal the show away from the bride, haha!  And in Jenna’s designs your flower girls are guaranteed to look their best.  Check out her website at http://www.beaneandco.etsy.com!

Now also part of my job as a Wedding Planner here in St. Louis is to help with as much as I can.  I would be able to get with Jenna and help get your flower girl dresses shipped and to you in a timely manner.  Now that is one less thing you would have to worry about, isn’t that nice!  That is what Wedding Planners are here for =)

Again to look at some of her designs go to http://www.beaneandco.etsy.com


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