Let’s Eat Cake

When a bride is planning her wedding one of the first things on her “To Do List” is to find a bakery for that magnificent cake that will be show cased in the middle of the reception hall for everyone to see.  It not only has to look like a million bucks, but it has to taste like a million bucks, BUT does it have to cost a million buck?  One of the newest trends right now in the wedding scene is investing in a “FAKE CAKE”.  Yes, thats right a fake cake!  These cakes are made out of styrofoam and are decorated to look exactly like a real wedding cake.  These fake cakes are hundreds of dollars cheaper and give you the same WOW factor that you want your cake to give off.  Now of course while this fake cake is on display for everyone to ooh and aah over, a real cake (most likely a regular sheet cake) is cut up in the back and served to your guest.  Pretty neat huh!  Here are some pictures of the up and coming “Fake Cakes”!  They sure look delicious!!!


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