Weddings…Is it what you imagined?!?

How do people ever go about picking wedding colors and the entire theme of their wedding?  Most people, I would assume, pick their favorite colors, favorite time of the year, etc.  However, that leaves me to wonder, how many people actually do this.  I know for myself I didn’t!  Which is very odd, haha!  My all time favorite color is pink.  Now I know pink is a very popular color at the moment, but honestly, it has been my favorite since I was little.  I always dreamed of my wedding in May or June with pink dresses, pink flowers, pink bows, pink EVERYTHING…in fact I use to tease my Mother and Sisters and tell them “My colors are blush and bashful Mamma”, for all who don’t know the line…its from Steel Magnolias. Needless to say when I got engaged in December of 2005 everyone assumed I would have a very pink wedding!  I think I shocked everyone when I picked Royal Blue and Gold.  I sometimes even wonder where that came from!  However at the time it felt right.

I was getting married in December of the following year and something just didn’t sound right about having pink dresses and flowers in December, especially around Christmas Time.  We got married December 29, 2006 and while we didn’t have a “Christmasy Wedding” I still thought darker colors would be more appropriate.  I ended up with Royal Blue satin dresses with Gold Sashes that hung to the floor.  My bouquet was 2 dozen white roses with diamonds throughout for an extra hint of sprakle and shine, my bridesmaids flowers were a mix of white roses and pink roses which ended up looking fabulous, it was a great contrasting mix against the dark dresses.  As center pieces I had 3 small vases all ranging in different sizes with floating candles and along the outside of them I had blue and gold ornaments with “Jay and Robin, December 29, 2006” inscribed on the outside.  Our entire reception hall was filled with candles (which my nephew Aidan ended up blowing out half of them, haha, so much for my ambiance!!!) and our tables and chairs were draped with white linens and white sashes.  NO PINK, except for the tiny specks of pink in the bridesmaids bouquets.

I loved everything about my weddings, the colors, the mood, everything!  I just sometimes still surprise myself that I had such a different wedding than I ever imagined, hardly any pink, and it was in the middle of WINTER!!!  You may even wonder, why did I choose December in the first place?  Well it really is kind of a sweet story.  I met my “hubby” and we started dating in October of 2004, immediately I knew he was “different”, On Christmas Day 2004 he told me for the first time that he loved me.  That next Christmas we got engaged and so I only felt it would be right to have our wedding around Christmas.  So we did!

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, I had this dream of what my wedding was going to be like and it ended up being completely different than anything I could have imagined and I loved every little detail.  Don’t be afraid to stray away from your original “ideas and dreams” you might surprise yourself and go beyond what you could have ever hoped and imagined!

Now as I am a Wedding Planner in St. Louis, I really can’t wait to see others whose dreams may go a completely different direction than what they have dreamed of since the age of 5!


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