FALL into St. Louis Weddings

Nothing is more beautiful than a St. Louis Autumn Day!  Am I wrong?  I didn’t think so!  The crisp fresh air that seems to engage your senses.  The way the cool air smells when you walk outside.  The burst of orange, red, gold and yellow through-out the city.  Everything about Autumn in St. Louis is absolutely beautiful!  Why not make it even more beautiful and hold a wedding in the Fall.

My favorite colors for a fall wedding in St. Louis are golds, oranges and deep reds.  Imagine standing in Forest Park, the colors of the trees just bursting with red, orange and gold against the clear blue sky.  You in your white dress, your bridesmaids in deep brown colored dresses with bouquets of dark red roses, golden calla lillies and just a few white peonies to tie into you.  Just breath-taking isn’t it.

Some brides tend to shy away from fall weddings, afraid of the darker colors (everyone seems to want pinks, blues, yellows) but I say living in St. Louis, embrace it!  Embrace the amazing Fall Season and use the gorgeous colors to your advantage.  Imagine your pictures and how gorgeous they would be.  And the best part is, you won’t be sweating your make-up off while taking pictures like some of the June Brides =)


2 responses to “FALL into St. Louis Weddings

  1. Why there are no comments on this post is shocking – I absolutely love your stance on fall weddings here in the Lou. You go girl!

  2. St Louis fall weddings are beautiful. I’ve played a few of them. The colors are remarkable!

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